Meals & Menu

The centre provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea that are prepared fresh each day. Our cook, Kim, has had many years experience and training in the preparation of home style meals. The menu is balanced to ensure that it meets half of children’s daily nutritional requirements, especially in high risk areas such as calcium and iron. The centre is ‘Allergy Aware’ and can cater for individual dietary requirements, be they health or culturally related. The centre’s policy does not allow families to bring food to the centre other than bottles and approved dietary items.

The centre is ‘Breast Feeding Friendly’ and we will support families in breast feeding and the use of breast milk as much as possible.

The centre is recognised by the Australian and New Zealand Food Safety Act as providing a service for vulnerable populations. As such we have an extensive Food Safety Program and all staff have training in safe food handling.


Summer Menu (September to February)

Winter Menu (March to August)